Our History

The Johannesburg Magic Circle was decided upon in Hillbrow Johannesburg, in front of the building the late Cecil Jackson lived in, situated in Goldreich Street in front of the Hillbrow Tower. It was about midnight after a Magic Session with Ernie Mills, Cecil Jackson, Terry Baldwin and Paul Malek.


The inaugural meeting was held in Kitchener Avenue Kensington on Saturday 28 July 1979.


The Johannesburg Magic Circle is a society of secrets, not a secret society, and the purpose was to create a club for both amateur and professional Magicians to promote the art of Magic and is open to purveyors of the allied arts such as jugglers and ventriloquists. A member pledges to never reveal the secrets of the art to a non-magician.


The Johannesburg Magic Circle has held many conventions, national competitions, and done countless shows for schools, orphanages and old age homes.


The Johannesburg Magic Circle members meet monthly and celebrate their membership with lectures, sharing of tricks, marketing ideas, sleight of hand skills, drinking coffee & tea, laughing, and of course cementing friendships that last a lifetime. This sharing has advanced the skills of many Magicians, too numerous to mention.


We gladly host fellow Magicians from all over the world who land in our beautiful country and our magnificent city.


The Johannesburg Magic Circle formed a forum for novice Magicians which we call Apprentices in Magic better known as AIM. AIM has, after a sabbatical, reopened and should you wish to know more please contact Graham on 063 374 5130.